Want to Do Some Good for Your Community?

Want to Do Some Good for Your Community?

Join us in supporting our local farmer’s market

The Spiked Olive is a proud member of the 406 Market. This collection of Montana farmers and local food suppliers provides the local community with quality food and beverages.

406 Market can connect you to a seasonal food supply to improve your diet and well-being. Through this network, you can also stay up-to-date on events in your homegrown community. To learn more about 406 Market’s distribution system, call us now.

We support local sellers

We believe in promoting small businesses, and we’ve opened our shelves to prove it. In addition to our own brand, the Spiked Olive also merchandises food from other local creators. A few of the local brands you’ll find in our shop are:

  • Red Rooster Kitchen in Lauren, MT Jams and Jellies
  • NAKE Maple 100% Pure Maple Syrup, made in Vermont
  • 406 Spices

Would you like to add your items to our list? Come to the shop with a sample for us to taste!

It's Show Season!

Find us at these great shows in October: 

  • 1st October Weekend: Billings, MT Farmer's Market
  • 2nd October Weekend: Great Falls, MT for What Women Want
  • 3rd October Weekend: Butte, MT for Hillcrest Bazzar
  • 4th October Weekend: Cody, WY for What Women Want