Satisfy Your Appetite at the Spiked Olive

Satisfy Your Appetite at the Spiked Olive

Olives aren’t our only specialty

If you like fine dining, you’ll love our gourmet food section. We have a rotating selection of pappardelle pasta, with at least 7 different types available at all times. We also carry gluten-free pasta so all of our customers can enjoy gourmet Italian fare.

You can browse our variety of gift baskets and beautifully bottled vinegars to find the perfect gift, or take home a jar of gourmet sauce for yourself. Come to the Spiked Olive today to see all of our gourmet offerings.

Find the perfect accent for your meal

Want the best seasonings for your food? Try something from our assortment of grinder spices. Then take a look at our selection of sauces. Some of our most popular gourmet offerings include:

  • Bread dips
  • Pesto sauce
  • Artichoke spread
  • Worcestershire sauce

And since we are all about olives, you’ll find a gourmet variety direct from Spain! Call us today to learn more about our fine food options or to place an order.