Oil & Vinegar

Taste our imported vinegars and artisanal oils.

Why Visit the Spiked Olive Taproom?

Come to our taproom to taste 17 flavored oils and 25 different varieties of imported Italian vinegar. We’ll walk you through your options and help you select the perfect oil or vinegar for your fare. You can use our oils to prepare steaks, chicken, potatoes, rice and veggies. Broaden your use for gourmet vinegars by trying them as an ice cream drizzle, mixing them with yogurt or using them as a marinade. Taste what you’ve been missing at the Spiked Olive today.

New Flavors in Stock!

  • Vinegar - Red Apple, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Pomegranate Jalapeño
  • Oil - Black Pepper, Lemon Pepper

Featured Oils and Vinegars

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Fused Olive Oils

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